Project Description

Pipework Layout & Support Structures

Concentric Engineered Solutions was asked to design the chilled and cooling water pipework layout for the largest greenfield site in Australasia. The site is designed to handle 120 injection moulding machines within a building encompassing five hectares.
Taking the Revit building drawings, our scope included:

  • Designing the layout of chilled water tanks, pumps, valves and air compressors in the services room
  • Designing the layout of water chillers, cooling tower and valves outside the services room.
  • Design of all stainless steel tanks
  • Designing the PVC pipe runs to the machine hall (3,800m of pipework in total)
  • Designing the layout of resin silos (200 & 100 tonne) and the piping layout from the silo infeed tipper to the resin mixing room
  • Design of all pipe supports, platforms, stairs, etc.

Concentric Engineered Solutions was also engaged to install all the above equipment except the resin silos. This work was undertaken in conjunction with mechanical labour from Matched Ltd with Concentric Engineered Solutions providing site supervision. Installation work was completed in five months, ahead of schedule, with up to eight fitters working at one time.