Project Description

Pharmaceutical Mixer Installation

A large and expensive vacuum mixer was required to be installed by a pharmaceutical customer in an enclosed space in the middle of their manufacturing facility. The building was modified to house the tall mixer in the location where it was to be used but the issue was getting the vessel to this location. The client had originally looked at removing the roof of the building and using a helicopter to lower the vessel in position but the vessel weight of 5,000kg, services already located in the ceiling space, and cost eliminated this option. The only way to get the vessel into position was to bring it in horizontal and stand it up within the room. To do this a special gantry frame needed to be constructed to lift the vessel vertical and then the gantry needed to be deconstructed and removed from the building. Our scope included:

  • Design work to determine if the vessel could be lifted within the building constraints.
  • Manufacturing drawings for the construction of the gantry frame.
  • Disassembly of a heat exchanger system, transportation of it into the ceiling space and re-assembly.
  • Assembly of the gantry crane.
  • Installation of the vessel.
  • Disassembly of the gantry crane.