Project Description

Blown Film Lines Relocation

A customer had a number of blown film lines located in Warkworth and wanted the site decommissioned and relocated to an extension of their factory in Hamilton.  They required their two largest machines to be moved, opting to do the smaller machines themselves.

This project was completed in conjunction with two other parties. Concentric Engineered Solutions Ltd provided project management, documentation and site supervision, Matched Ltd supplied mechanical labour and Machinery Relocations Ltd provided transportation and logistics.

The blown film towers were removed in complete sections with the smaller machine separated into two sections while the larger section was separated into three sections.  There was plenty of room for disassembly in the Warkworth factory but the same could not be said for the Hamilton factory.  The Hamilton factory had a modified ceiling and roof line to accommodate the new machines but space was very tight.  Installation occurred whilst the rest of the plant remained in operation.